We are the MVL Group

Good communication is important, and supportive presentation materials can be decisive in promotional activities. As specialists in cardboard communication displays, we offer thousands of solutions to showcase your product or brand!

From brochures and books to life-size signs and store displays, we offer a range of standard products that can be quickly delivered.

Perhaps you have something unique in mind? We're happy to discuss your ideas and explore the possibilities, creating something new for you. No matter how extraordinary or complex, we provide tailor-made solutions. No request is too outrageous—as long as it involves cardboard!

We're always here for you, reachable by phone, email, and app. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about us, our products, or our services.

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Our way of working

With a careful balance between account management, creative design, and production, we can handle every step of the process for you. From idea conception to delivery of the final product, we collaborate with you at every level of the journey!

At MVL, we employ specialists who are passionate about their craft. Everyone stays updated on the latest developments in their field, and even our administrative team boasts relevant hands-on experience.

We aim to deliver results that meet your expectations and always seek the best solutions. Through strong communication, we ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish. Together, we achieve an end result that everyone can be satisfied with!

Our studio brings your idea to life

At MVL's design studio, we transform your vision from dream to reality. By carefully considering and experimenting with every possibility, we create the design you've been searching for all this time!

In the studio, we create a CAD drawing that serves as the foundation for your product. By digitally modeling it in 3D, we can immediately verify all the dimensions! We then send you the drawing as a template. Here, you can easily incorporate your own graphic design. For our standard products, you can even download templates directly from our website!

Of course, having just a drawing doesn't guarantee the product will meet your expectations. That's why we always create blank prototypes to test the design. To ensure everything meets your specifications, we're always happy to present you with a prototype!

Would you like a clear picture of your product quickly without waiting for a prototype? That's possible too! We create a digital 3D sketch for you, complete with product content and printing. This way, you bring an idea to life before anything is actually produced!

Production makes it a reality

Once you are completely satisfied with the design and printing, we move on to production! With our multiple in-house production methods and external connections, we keep prices low, delivery times fast, and the possibilities endless!

With our offset printing press, we can quickly print large quantities for you. Prefer a small run? Or maybe a larger size or a unique material? That's where our digital printing press and plotters come in! Single or double-sided, full color or PMS... we can do it all!

For displays and packaging, we easily mount the printed sheets onto thicker materials using our laminating machine. Your product can be laminated on corrugated cardboard and greyboard of various types and thicknesses.

Once the cardboard sheets are ready, the only step left is cutting out the shape. We create a cutting die based on the CAD model. This allows us to quickly punch out the products either manually or automatically. For smaller runs, no cutting die is necessary. Our automatic cutting plotter can easily cut your product with great precision.

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Handling at MVL Co-Packing

Of course, we can deliver your product flat and neatly stacked, but it's not complete yet! Would you like your product to be set up, assembled, and filled? We can take care of that too with our Co-Packing department!

With over 1000m2 of floor space and additional storage for over 400 pallets, we can now fully meet your needs!

The services offered by our Co-Packing department are comprehensive. In addition to setting up and assembling displays and packaging, we can also bind and bundle printed materials. Do you want your display or packaging to be filled? Feel free to send us your product contents, and we'll take care of it for you!

After all the handling is completed, we prepare everything for shipping. Your product is securely packed in a pallet box, ensuring it is well protected when delivered to your desired location.

Work hours

Ordermanagement & Calculation
Monday to Friday from 07:30 uur till 17:00
Storage & Production
Monday to Thursday from 07:00 uur till 16:00
Friday 07:00 till 12:00